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The nose and throat at altitude
04/06/07: High altitude mountaineers from the first ever reconnaissance expedition to Everest in 1921 complained about a variety of problems affecting their nose and throat.

Climber on Cho Oyu summit
Supplementary Oxygen and High Altitude

23/05/07: The use of supplementary oxygen for climbing at high altitude has been debated for many decades.
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Maryam and Cortex rig
Oxygen Delivery

20/05/07: Oxygen delivery is a term used in medicine to describe the process of how oxygen is presented to the cells which need it for generating the energy which keeps us alive.
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Sleep at High Altitude
18/05/07: Ascending to high altitude forces climbers and trekkers to deal with many physiological challenges.
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Hypoxia and Medicine
16/05/07: Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, is a very common phenomenon in medicine. Sudden and severe hypoxia such as drowning is obvious and frequently fatal.
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Measuring body fat
Nutrition and Weight Loss Studies At Extreme High Altitude

14/05/07: Life at high altitude has many different effects on the body. One interesting and important effect is the pronounced weight loss observed in people.
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Mick and a Cortex rig
What is Hypoxia?

12/05/07: Hypoxia, put simply, is a lack of oxygen. Oxygen forms approximately 21% of the air we breathe and is the part of the air which is vital for human life.
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SonoSite MicroMaxxR Transcranial Doppler Scan
Translating the lessons learnt from hypoxia in the mountains

07/05/07: "We need help urgently. We have a man in his forties who cannot move his right side"
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Retinal scans
High Altitude Eye Study

16/04/07: As part of the Neurosciences work we are carrying out the most extensive high altitude eye study.
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Jim Milledge at work in Pheriche
Medical Research Expeditions: 1960, 1981, 2007
06/04/07: We arrived here at Everest Base Camp yesterday and I am writing this in a comfortable tent with a view of the Ice Fall one way and of Pumori the other. Full story>

Climber on Cho Oyu summit
Low Oxygen Research ? An Excuse for a Jolly up a Mountain?
04/04/07: The single most asked question to Caudwell Xtreme Everest is: Why are you climbing a mountain when you could just use pressure chambers instead? Full story>

Intensive Care patient
What is intensive care?
02/04/07: Intensive care, also known as critical care, or intensive therapy, originated approximately 50 years ago as a response to a polio epidemic in Copenhagen. Full story>

Intensive Care patient
Why going to Everest may help patients in intensive care
28/03/07: One in six people are admitted to an intensive care unit in the United Kingdom during their life. Of these people, 20% will die whilst on the intensive care unit. Full story>

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