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 BLOG   Kay Mitchell  23rd May 2009

Everest Summit Anniversary

Everest from Namche Hill

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It is two years ago that our summiteers reached the top of Everest in two waves! Unfortunately it will be slightly difficult for Trek G9 to celebrate the anniversary properly. This is because they have been delayed in Lukla due to bad weather.

The weather report for tomorrow is more promising, but such reports are often not specific enough to be really reliable. In the meantime, Lukla continues to fill up with Summiteers from this season. Whilst it is nice to see people filled with a sense of huge achievement, competition to get to Kathmandu increases. Survival of the fittest? We shall see...

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By: Sharon CoxWhen: 26th May 2009 13:24
Hi Kay,
Great to read your blogs again, I'm sure it is amazing to be back there again. Was thinking of you all the other day and what you all achieved 2 yrs ago. Would love to go there some day.......
Hope to see you back in Belfast sometime!
Take care, Sharon
By: Lamont RossWhen: 25th May 2009 14:57
Miss Kay,
Crowded to leave? I'm hopeful that the delay can simply become part of the experience. Where are you on the trek route or are you part of the Lukla experience? Continued safe journey and happy anniversary to the summiteers.
By: Barbra GoodridgeWhen: 23rd May 2009 09:43
Hi Kay ... what a shame that G9's trek has to end on such a disappointing note! Mike told me they were looking forward so much to their promised barbecue at the Summit, and now it looks like they will not get a chance to have it. I believe their flight home leaves Kathmandu at 09.30 am tomorrow (Sun 24th), so if they are still in Lukla until tomorrow, does this mean they will miss their flight home? Apart from myself, there will be many anxious people back here in the UK looking forward to their return, and possibly meeting them at Heathrow, so if it is at all possible for you to get out a blog letting us all know if they are NOT coming back on their planned flight, that would be greatly appreciated, along with info about which flight they WILL be on, if possible. I will log onto the CXE site tomorrow before my planned departure for Heathrow to meet Mike, and in the meantime keep my fingers crossed! Take care, and God bless. Love Barb x

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