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23/12/09Kay Mitchell
Getting ready for the Christmas Break!
Today is the last day in the office before UCL closes until the New Year

26/11/09Kay Mitchell
Talking it up
I was invited to speak at an event hosted by Jagged Globe earlier this week.

23/05/09Kay Mitchell
Everest Summit Anniversary
It is two years ago that our summiteers reached the top of Everest in two waves!

20/05/09Kay Mitchell
Summit Success
Trek G9 are feeling very pleased with themselves.

14/05/09Kay Mitchell
Oh what a beautiful morning!
The snow is clearing, and things are getting much better in the Khumbu.

12/05/09Kay Mitchell
The more it snows!
The more it snows, tiddley pom, the more it goes, tiddley pom, the more it goes, tiddley pom, on snowing!

07/05/09Kay Mitchell
Taking the piss!
I seem to spend most of every day talking about urine!

17/04/09Kay Mitchell
Trek A9 are well on the way
Trek A9 have arrived in Namche after trekking from Lukla, and seem in good spirits

11/04/09Kay Mitchell
Off again to Nepal today with trek group A!

04/04/09Kay Mitchell
Great Scott!
Caudwell Xtreme Everest wish to congratulate Mike and Denny Grocott on the birth of their first child - Scott Dylan.

03/09/08Kay Mitchell
Xtreme excitement!
Friends of Caudwell Xtreme Everest may feel that the lack of changes on this website means that not much is happening. Happily that is not the case.

03/04/08Kay Mitchell
Bambino Mackenney
We have had some great news this week. Mac Mackenney, our Expedition Manager, and his partner, Lisa, have had a new addition to the family.

11/12/07Kay Mitchell
Royal Geographical Lecture
I have been spending the last couple of weeks finalising preparations for the Caudwell Xtreme Everest lecture at the Royal Geographical Society. The lecture, in conjunction with Linde Gas Therapeutics and BOC Medical, took place last week.

17/11/07Kay Mitchell
Blog Examinations
I am in Belfast, staying with Nigel Hart and his lovely family, and I have just undergone my first Blog examination!

16/10/07Kay Mitchell
Belated congratulations to Mick and Roisin
I must have some residual brain damage from being at Everest Base Camp for so long.

12/10/07Kay Mitchell
It has been a bit of a bizarre two weeks. A number of members of the core team went to Aviemore in Scotland last week to the World Wilderness Medicine conference.

29/09/07Kay Mitchell
BBC Pasang and Karma
We have received news from two of the Sherpas, who worked with us in Nepal earlier this year.

24/09/07Kay Mitchell
It has been a weekend of celebration in the Caudwell Xtreme Everest diary.

15/09/07Kay Mitchell
This week saw Dan, Paula and myself at a Faithless concert in Brixton. We were dancing like lunatics to the track Insomnia.

07/09/07Kay Mitchell
The clock is ticking!
The clock is ticking in more ways than one.

03/08/07Kay Mitchell
I have been working on the first Caudwell Xtreme Everest reunion this week, and it has inspired me to reread a lot of the messages that people sent whilst we were out in Nepal.

03/08/07Kay Mitchell
Footnote to Nostalgia blog
Radio 4 will feature a segment from this week's documentary about Caudwell Xtreme Everest in its Sunday evening programme "Pick of the Week" - 18.15 to 19.00, 5th August.

20/07/07Kay Mitchell
Radio 4
It is 18.45 and I am still in the office in Archway. This is not because I am working overtime again, but because I have been using the scanner to help with my MSc.

28/06/07Kay Mitchell
Archway, London
I am back in the office, and trying to get used to living in London again. Having spent so much time looking forward to coming back to the UK, I am now missing Nepal, and all the people we spent time with out there. There is no pleasing some people!

23/06/07Kay Mitchell
I lied in my last blog. I have managed to get online in Doha airport, whilst waiting for our connecting flight to London.

22/06/07Kay Mitchell
Good News
Mac has returned with the last of our Sherpa team from Lukla. All the equipment is finally off the mountain, and we can get sorted for leaving for the UK.

21/06/07Kay Mitchell
Mac is still in Lukla. Yet again the Caudwell Xtreme Everest logisitics team are being delayed by circumstances beyond their control.

19/06/07Kay Mitchell
Freezer Action!
Today is Monday, and I believe that a large number of our team went back to their jobs in the UK today.

16/06/07Kay Mitchell
I am back in the Summit Hotel in Kathmandu, and revelling in the ability to feel clean every single day!

09/06/07Kay Mitchell
Kay's blog
The team are spread out over the Khumbu valley. Many are in Lukla hoping to fly to Kathmandu tomorrow. I am still in Namche with approximately 15 others, and Mac is in Pheriche.

02/06/07Kay Mitchell
Potential for Skipping!
Things appear to be going well with the packing, and Mike Grocott announced tonight at dinner that if they continue to go well, we might be able to leave on Monday!

01/06/07Kay Mitchell
Losing track of time
Today is Friday, I think. Since the trekkers have stopped visiting base camp I have completely lost track of time.

27/05/07Kay Mitchell
Testing Trek M
This is the last day of testing of trek teams for our Everest Base Camp staff. Trek M are working very hard on our behalf, in beautiful sunshine, which it makes it very warm in the laboratory tent.

23/05/07Kay Mitchell
Trek L arrive at Everest Base Camp
Trek L walked into Everest Base Camp yesterday, looking fit and well, and very pleased to have reached their goal.

20/05/07Kay Mitchell
Water Carriers
The Caudwell Xtreme Everest Base Camp Lab staff have been constantly amazed at the hard work of our cook team.

16/05/07Kay Mitchell
Trek J arrived in Base camp yesterday in high spirits
Trek J arrived in Base camp yesterday in high spirits. They have not lost any trekkers along the way due to illness, and are very keen to complete all their testing.

14/05/07Kay Mitchell
Apologies to Trek H
Liz Bradbury has kindly pointed out that there is no picture of Trek H at EBC.

05/05/07Kay Mitchell
Cravings, Trek F and Trek G!
Trek F have reached Everest Base Camp (see John Caudwell?s blog), and left.

29/04/07Kay Mitchell
Nail file?
Trek E are continuing to test well. It has been sunnier this morning, which has been a relief to them.

28/04/07Kay Mitchell
Trek E arrive at Base Camp
It is Saturday, and the lab staff are busy testing Trek E, who arrived at Everest Base Camp yesterday lunchtime.

27/04/07Kay Mitchell
Thank Crunchie it is Friday
Today is Friday. Trek D arrived safe and sound, except for Geoff Hall, who is safe further down the trail. They completed their testing, and left very early this morning for Kala Patar and then Dingboche.

27/04/07Kay Mitchell
The Sherpas on Everest
Avalanches kill more Himalayan climbers than any other hazard. The places where avalanches have been are sometimes marked by huge ice boulders making the debris flow.

23/04/07Kay Mitchell
It is Monday, and each Monday is partly a day off for us, so I have done some washing and had a shower! Hurrah! Trek C left this morning for Dingboche, and we expect Trek D tomorrow.

22/04/07Kay Mitchell
Chilling on a Sunday Morning!
It is Sunday morning, at 9am and the sun is shining. It is a beautiful day. I have some tunes going on my Nano, and things appear very chilled.

19/04/07Kay Mitchell
BBC News reports
Friday is going to be busy day for Mike Grocott, our expedition leader. Radio Five Live and Breakfast TV news want live interviews, and then he may be appearing live on BBC News 24 and BBC radio as well.

18/04/07Kay Mitchell
Trek B arrive at Everest Base Camp
Trek B arrived at Everest Base Camp yesterday, with a special banner. They were in good spirits, and have been in the lab today, being tested by our enthusiastic lab staff.

16/04/07Kay Mitchell
Radio Traffic
It is Monday, April 16th, and Trek A has left Everest Base Camp fro Dingboche, having completed almost all of their testing.

15/04/07Kay Mitchell
Triumphant Trek A
Trek A arrived at Everest Base Camp at about midday yesterday, and they were amazing.

12/04/07Kay Mitchell
Hard Work?
Well, it is Thursday, and it has been very busy since I last Blogged. On Monday we had a Puja ceremony. Everyone in the group who had attended a Puja before said that they had never attended a Puja like it.

08/04/07Kay Mitchell
Thank goodness for logistics
I am sitting in my office, listening to Miles Davies. You may think that I have miraculously transferred back to Archway, but in fact this is courtesy of the fantastic Logistics team that we have here.

04/04/07Kay Mitchell
Divine scenery!
Today was divine. The weather was perfect, and Chris Imray and I ambled up from Pheriche to Lobuje. At one point along the route, we reached an elevation of 4425m, exactly half the height of Everest.

02/04/07Kay Mitchell
Kay?s Blog ? 1st April 2007
We are so lucky. We are staying in a beautiful lodge in Pheriche called the White Yak.

01/04/07Kay Mitchell
On the trail again
It is Saturday 31st March, and the core team have reached the White Yak in Pheriche. The trek from Deboche was quite sedate, and there was lots of opportunity to stop at tea houses along the way, and drink lemon tea.

26/03/07Kay Mitchell
Starting out on the trail
It is a week since we arrived in Nepal, and this is the first moment I have had to write a blog. I am sitting in the Sherwi Khangba Lodge in Namche Bazaar. where we will be starting testing the Xtreme Team tomorrow.

16/03/07Kay Mitchell
Leaving the country!
It is Friday, March 16th, and the core team are heading out for Kathmandu tomorrow!

10/03/07Kay Mitchell
French Manicure
Seven days to go and I am feeling in the need of doing something girly before three and a half months of fleeces and thermals.

08/03/07Kay Mitchell
Sherpa DNA
Thanks to Maria's son for his questions about the Sherpas.

04/03/07Kay Mitchell
Sausage and Bean Casserole
I have just cooked tea for my flatmate. It is so nice to have time to go to the shops and buy food to cook tea.

23/02/07Kay Mitchell
The Irish Population increases as well!
The Irish population has also increased thanks to one of our climbers, Roger, and his wife Sara. Isolde Moira Catherine was born on 22nd February at 18.30 hours.

21/02/07Kay Mitchell
The UK population increases!
The UK population increases thanks in part to one of our trekkers, Graham Farquhar. Imogene was born on 16th February weighing 5lbs, 15oz.

16/02/07Kay Mitchell
Fish and chip supper!
The Archway take-aways are doing well out of the Caudwell Xtreme Everest team.

14/02/07Kay Mitchell
Light at the end of the tunnel?
There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the light of an oncoming train!

02/02/07Kay Mitchell
A Barrel of Laughs!
Mac Mackenney, our Expedition Manager, has sent round a stern email!

26/01/07Kay Mitchell
Hat Trick
What a week it has been, and yet there is more to come!

19/01/07Kay Mitchell
Thank goodness it's Friday!
I cannot believe that we have finally got there! Mike, Denny, Dan and I have not had a day off since January 1st.

08/01/07Kay Mitchell
Sea Level Testing
We have started testing our Caudwell Xtreme Everest trekkers at the Laboratory in Archway, London.

01/01/07Kay Mitchell
Happy New Year
I cannot believe it is 2007. When I first got involved in this project at the beginning of 2004, 2007 seemed such a long way away!

13/12/06Kay Mitchell
Sleep deprivation
This last week has been a bit hectic. Christmas is fast approaching and there are a lot of deadlines looming!

04/12/06Kay Mitchell
A gentle nudge?
And I thought it was only my sister that read the blog! Now I have had a gentle nudge from another trekker reminding me that I have not contributed to the blog for a while.

27/11/06Kay Mitchell
Writer's blog!
I have been suffering from writer's block. I gather from the web that this is a common phenomenon with people who write blogs.

15/11/06Kay Mitchell
I always quite liked maths at school. There was a 'right answer'. Trigonometry was good, simultaneous equations did not phase me, and those things in brackets that I cannot remember the name of.

06/11/06Kay Mitchell
I am back after 7 weeks away, and already in a panic about leaving for Everest in March of next year.

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