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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  26th Nov 2009
Talking it up

I was invited to speak at an event hosted by Jagged Globe earlier this week. Jagged Globe worked closely with Caudwell Xtreme Everest in both 2007 and 2009 to provide logistical and administrative support for our research expeditions.

The title I was given was 'Is altitude bad for you?' I must say that I refused to be drawn, and talked instead about the 2007 and 2009 expeditions, referring to a small amount of the data we have analysed to date.

I was followed by Adele Pennington talking about what it is like to climb 8000m peaks. I am happy to say that the audience responded well to the talks. The work we are doing through Caudwell Xtreme Everest continues to excite people when they get to hear about it.

I would like to thank Simon Lowe and the Jagged Globe team for inviting me to take part in this event.

Click here for details of Jagged Globe's involvement

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