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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  20th May 2009
Summit Success

Trek G9 are feeling very pleased with themselves. They have all conquered Kala Pattar! It made for a very long day, but they all felt it was worth it in the end.

Kala Pattar (black rock) is the viewpoint that many visitors to Everest Base Camp climb to get a view of the summit of Everest. This is because the summit of Everest is hidden from view at base camp itself by Everest's western buttress. Kala Pattar is 5500m, so climbers only have half the oxygen avaialable at sea leel when they climb this peak.

Trek G9 are now well on the way back to sea level, and are currently staying in Namche Bazaar. Here they have met up with two members of Trek F9, who visited Gokyo lakes. All will be trekking to Lukla tomorrow with the hope of flying back to Kathmandu on Friday.

The data collection continues to go well, and all trek members have been committed to the research. Even the Sherpas have been getting involved!

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By: Lamont RossWhen: 23rd May 2009 00:05
Miss Kay,
You didn't mention if you were on the Kala Pattar trek/climb? I would imagine coming down to Lukla that the energy goes up along with oxygen content.
I hope you are enjoying your trek and that all is going well. Continued safe journey.
Sincerely, Lamont

By: Mary RawsonWhen: 22nd May 2009 00:45
Fantastic news, Kay! Well done to yourself and the trekkers for getting up and down and doing the research too!

Hope you have a brilliant time in Katmandu - we'll be walking the Pembrokeshire coastline (probably in the pouring rain as things stand!) and thinking of you sunning yourself by the pool.

Take care, lots of love, and can't wait to see you back home.

Love Mary, Kev & the gang. xxxxxxx

By: Barbra GoodridgeWhen: 20th May 2009 23:39
Hi Kay ... congratulations to all the Trek G9 members for summitting Kala Pattar! Is that a 'first' - ALL of them doing it? Had quick email from Mike in Namche today, and sounds like its been a tough trek. I know several of the group have been unwell and hope that by now they are all recovered enough to really enjoy the latter part of their trek and celebrate their success before flying home. Thank you to you for looking after them, and I look forward to ultimately hearing about the data collected - I hope it helps theCXE team in their ultimate goal. You all have my undying admiration for the fantastic work you are doing! All best wishes to you, and hope to meet up with you again before too long (maybe at the Imax reunion, if it ever happens??!!!) Take care & God bless.
Love Barb x

By: The MitchellsWhen: 20th May 2009 18:13
Brilliant! You've inspired us. We're going to scale St. David's Head on Sunday with your sisters, nefarious nephews and nice neice.
Maybe we'll get a good view of Ireland.
Mumdad plus

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