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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  14th May 2009
Oh what a beautiful morning!

The snow is clearing, and things are getting much better in the Khumbu. Trek G9 moved up to Gorek Shep today in bright sunshine, with magnificent views of the mountains. Lots of photo opportunities were enjoyed by all. At Gorek Shep Trek G9 met Trek F9 coming down from Base Camp. Some members of Trek F9 are currently attempting to summit Kala Patar.

With the weather clearing it means that there will be queues of climbers trying to summit, so base camp may be quite empty when Trek G9 reach there tomorrow. This is because there has been bad weather over Everest for several days, and no summits have been possible. Despite the recent snow the summit of Everest still looked fairly black today compared to 2007.

Trek E9 are now nearing the end of their trek, and CXE would like to thank them for their contribution to our research and wish them a safe trip home.

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By: Barbra GoodridgeWhen: 19th May 2009 09:08
Hi Kay ... Glad to hear that the weather improved for you all, and for the people waiting to climb Everest. You sound like you are all having a great time and I, like many others I suspect, am only sorry that you are not able to tell us about your day-to-day experiences more often, but do understand the limitations this trip. Every message is welcome, however, and hopefully there will be another opportunity for you to write from Namche when you get back there. I have left lots of emails for Mike and Ken, so hope they can pick them up in Namche too! Tell them to hot-foot it to the internet cafe! I hope the rest of the trip goes well and that you all end up with many happy memories, and CXE with some more good data to continue your brilliant work Thank you for looking after them all so well. Take care and God bless. Love Barb x

By: Lamont RossWhen: 14th May 2009 16:27
Miss Kay,
Great picture accompanying blog. Good to hear weather is clearing and clear sailing to all the climbers! Such a magnificent feat to provide for all the trekkers. I'm amazed at your capabilities of managing the comings and goings combined with keeping the research on track. Continued safe journey. Sincerely, Lamont

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