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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  12th May 2009
The more it snows!

The more it snows, tiddley pom, the more it goes, tiddley pom, the more it goes, tiddley pom, on snowing! Trek G are in Pheriche, and it just keeps on snowing. Some of the team built a snow rabbit this morning, but we avoided taking on the Sherpas in a snowball fight. We would have lost horribly

We are hoping to move on up to Lobuche tomorrow, but it will depend on the weather. Trek F should be at base camp about now, and Trek E are heading back to Thengboche.

We continue to collect data, although some of the protocols are proving more dificult to achieve than others. When things go well you forget that you are trying to do research in a remote environment, and then something comes and bites you on the chin!

Currently, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Dingboche. I do not think this was here in 2007, so technology is reaching ever higher into the Himalayas. Thankis for all the messages of support. It is great to know that there are people out there watching.

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By: The FishersWhen: 16th May 2009 22:51
Hi to Liz and Kelvin and MANY congratulations to you both. on your success.What an achievement ,although we always knew you would do it. Cant wait to get together and hear all about it
With our love .
David Pauline Simon and Sarah.xx

By: Barbra GoodridgeWhen: 13th May 2009 20:21
Hi Kay ... So appreciate your blog from Pheriche - amazing that you could find an internet cafe in Dingboche though - what an absolute star you are! All that snow is a surprise - hope it doesn't stop you from moving on up. Looks like everyone's having fun anyway! Hope your research glitches are all ironed out now and that everything continues to go to plan. Take care and all stay safe and well, and tell Mike I miss him. Look forward to hearing from you again when next possible.

Love Barb xxx

By: Lisa ReedieWhen: 13th May 2009 12:29
Hi mum and dad,
Really, really sorry I missed your call from the satellite phone at basecamp this morning - WELLDONE, that's amazing that you've both made it, we're all really proud of you!
Loads of love
Lisa, Dave. Hannah & Alice xxxx

By: Adam BurkinshawWhen: 13th May 2009 10:30
Fantastic to hear that Trek F have made it to base camp and are enjoying the scenery, Everest bakery and larger amount of snow than expected.
It is a fantastic acheivemnet Mum and Dad, I expect it has been tough but I never had any doubt that you'd make it.

Well Done to the whole team and look forward to an update from Namche on the way down

By: Ron PowellWhen: 13th May 2009 09:45
Yes Kay, I'm still watching (reading) with interest. Don't remember all that much snow in 2007, but I think that year's Group G were very lucky with the weather - clear sunny days and a bit of snow and cloud once we'd tucked up in a lodge for the night. Hope the weather clears and things go well for the rest of the treks, and the research of course.
Best wishes, Ron Powell

By: Lamont RossWhen: 12th May 2009 15:30
Miss Kay,
Amazed you're sitting in a cafe in the Himalayas, much less an internet cafe. Saw Ryan this weekend, he said a Big HI! He was not envious of your trek, while I am. Next time I hope to join the group. He regaled us with story of the towns you've mentioned. Continued safe journey.
Sincerely, Lamont

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