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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  7th May 2009
Taking the piss!

I seem to spend most of every day talking about urine! This may be because we are running two urine studies this year, and there is an awful lot of processing involved, but it may also be because every trekker is examining their own urine in great detail. This has led to some very interesting conversations.

I said goodbye to Trek A in Kathmandu a few days ago, and they are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief that they are jug free again. They produced a 'Dulux colour chart' to go with the numbered scale produced by research lead Alan Richardson. Some of the names suggest very unpleasant images - Kathmandu Cream, and Yak Green!

I am now back in Namche with Trek G, and they are chilling out in one of the local bakeries as we speak, no doubt fattening up on apple pie and chocolate cake. Trek E and F are further up the trail with George and Sundeep.

I quick message to Lamont Ross: I am sorry that the blogs have been less frequent this year. I have a lot more jobs, and a lot less equipment this time, making it more difficult. But please keep sending the messages. It is great to know that our supporters are still out there watching and wishing us well.

Hope to blog again very soon!

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By: Mumdad MitchellWhen: 9th May 2009 15:43
Enoying reading your news. Hope all is still going well with you. While you were up at Base Camp we'd just completed the Wicked Wensleydale Wedding Walk again and again. Thinking of you lots.
Love, from all the family. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)

By: AliceWhen: 8th May 2009 17:38
Hi Kay and team
Its so good to hear updates and stories of the research and adventures. Even though I've not been involved in any which way, its encouraging and exciting to us young scientists to see a group of people advancing the world of science. Its my biggest dream to be doing the sort of research you all are doing. My every hope is to join you next time as a volunteer. I can't wait to see those mountains and dream big. Keep up the good work. All the best XX

By: Barbra GoodridgeWhen: 8th May 2009 16:46
Hi Kay ... Had an email from Mike (with you in Namche) and yes, he was filling up on apple pie (after mega eggs and chips of course!!!) Hope he and Ken are behaving themselves for you. Enjoy a good, safe trip and any blogs at all will be most welcome. Read there was big avalanche at EBC yesterday on the lower Khumbu icefall, just above base camp, with a sherpa death. Take care of yourselves up there and keep those two old fogeys on a tight leash around the icefall!!! Love Barb xxx

By: Lamont RossWhen: 7th May 2009 21:57
Miss Kay,
Thank you for the update...bakeries and urine samples..."just living the dream, eh". The quick movement from Kathmandu and back to Namche implies great acclimitazation. Continued safe journey...I assume you move up to Base Camp with one of the groups?
Sincerely, Lamont

By: KatherineWhen: 7th May 2009 13:23
Glad the urine is still providing an endless source of entertainment!! Small things eh...? I started off the week really not envying you turning round and going back uphill again, but having worked a couple of nights, I now would give anything to be in your place - so enjoy it, hope you have more success on Tengboche hill this time! Love A907 xx

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