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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  17th Apr 2009
Trek A9 are well on the way

Trek A9 have arrived in Namche after trekking from Lukla, and seem in good spirits. They stormed up the Namche hill, and have been enjoying the Sherpa Capital of Namche for a few days. Tomorrow, we set off for Deboche, and tackle the Thengboche hill. They should take it in their stride.

The urine studies are the subject of frequent conversations. They have renamed the colours on the colour charts with paint style suggestions. They are also well into the swing of the diary, appetite and NIRS studies.

Onwards and upwards!

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By: Pauline FisherWhen: 7th May 2009 12:05
Hi Liz and Kelvin. (Trek 3)
Hope your having a great time?! and you managed to celebrate your special day in style. Bit different to the norm !
Thinking of you lots and looking forward to hearing all on your return.
Love from The Fishers.xx

By: Adam BurkinshawWhen: 6th May 2009 13:02
Happy Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad (Trek 3),
I bet this one is a bit different to your last few!! -Hope you managed to celebrate with an Everest beer.
We are all thinking about you and glad you sound to be enjoying yourselves. Look forward to the pictures and stories.

Adam and Lu xx

By: The ReediesWhen: 5th May 2009 20:35
Hi Mum and Dad (in group 3 with Sundeep),
Wanted to wish you a very happy wedding anniversary, hope you're able to celebrate in style, wherever you are - we think you will be just about to start your trek to Debouche.
Good luck with the rest of your journey, we look forward to hearing you news,
Take care and see you soon
Love us all xx

PS It would be great to see more blogs on the progress of group 3.

By: Lamont RossWhen: 4th May 2009 23:15
Miss Kay,
I hope all is well. Interesting note: the frequency of blogs is off dramatically from the '07 expedition. Your fans are still excited.!! I hope you find the expedition familiar yet still inspiring. Continued safe journey and I am hopeful time will allow continued messages.

By: Caroline Silver LewisWhen: 28th Apr 2009 16:05
I am home now, wishing so much I could have continued with you all and made it up to Base Camp. I am really proud of you though, and am with you in spirit, even if my spirits are somewhat low. Safe journey back all of you and please call when you get back.
xx Caroline

By: A nine o twoWhen: 21st Apr 2009 03:57
Dearest Kay,
You know who I am back down in Kathmandu. Havent told home I am off the trek yet. Just need to say how much I appreciated your kindness. Also now that things are improved (kidney infec) 3 old fashoined glass bottles of fluid and iv cipro later, I am planning a trip somewhere in nepal in the next few days.Completely gutted, distraut, and self hateing, not to be with you all, but that's life. Want all of you to make the most of every step up, and down (no pun intended) and send me photos, although they will make me cry, I know!
I love you all,
think you ought to know that yesterday's colour wasnt even on the chart...possibly 'helicopter hold it in'
pps Just for the record it wasnt at all cold up there, just bloody stuffy and nausiating

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