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BLOG: Kay Mitchell  11th Apr 2009

Off again to Nepal today with trek group A! We will be flying this evening to Kathmandu via Delhi, and arriving at the Summit Hotel sometime tomorrow afternoon local time. Then, the fun really begins. For those of you on the last trip, you will remember the diary. The trekkers will get up on Monday morning to start 15 days of diary collection - up and down on that step every morning before caffeine levels are sorted out!

I cannot wait to spend time in the Summit Hotel garden, listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, looking to the mountains and anticipating the wonderful flight to Lukla. The trek will have had urine analysed, sleep studied, and all sorts of things already. And I will have organised the small hillock of kit that is awaiting me in Kathmandu. No peace for the wicked!

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By: Dan HurlbutWhen: 17th Apr 2009 14:34
Have a great trip Kay and send all my best to the people at the Summit Hotel. I look forward to seeing your photos when you get back.


By: Paula MealeWhen: 15th Apr 2009 15:55
Hello Kay - Phil, AL, Hugh & I are all in the lab doing a clinical CPX test, so we thought we'd check out how the other half live! Looking at the picture of the Summit Hotel I know where I would rather be now. Have fun and don't work too hard. P.x

By: Allen BordoleyWhen: 14th Apr 2009 11:06
Once again good luck with the project and to all the "volunteers". I hope all the outstanding questions will be answered.
Give my regards to Caroline Silver Lewis who is with you. My replacement right knee is coming along fine -- now.
Tashi Delek,
Allen Bordoley (London)

By: Mary RawsonWhen: 13th Apr 2009 22:51
Hi to Group 'A' trekkers. Have a great trip, and take the time to enjoy it. You are the 'A' team!

All the best,

Mary Rawson (2007 Group 'A' trekker)

By: Dame Beryl MitchellWhen: 13th Apr 2009 22:23
Wishing you all the best for your latest adventure. You missed the Easter Bunny which arrived here early yesterday but maybe you'll meet a yeti yet. Take care. Remember - what goes up, must come down.
XXXXXX......XXXXXX (42, altogether)

By: Lamont RossWhen: 12th Apr 2009 22:46
Miss Kay,
Best of luck on the 2009 expedition. I am envious.

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